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We offer free consultations for laser hair removal, plastic surgery, and electrolysis. A patch test is also available, and this ensures that you’re not allergic to any of the treatments. This takes beauty therapy to the next level, and it’s one of the ways that we’re looking to the future. At Myclinica we’re passionate and innovative, and this shown through the work we do throughout

Our Consultant

Your plastic surgery consultation is held with Op .Dr. Fatih Dağdelen, and this is completely free of charge. No matter the type of plastic surgery you’re considering, you’re able to discuss it all with Op .Dr. Fatih Dağdelen.


Electrolysis has the potential to be great for light hair types and grey hairs on any skin. To begin the process, we arrange for you to have a free consultation and small-area laser test to determine if your skin has a negative reaction. Assuming that you’re satisfied, and suffer no adverse effects, we book your treatment, usually in the next 24 hours.

Advice during Consultation

Prior to any treatment taking place, we prefer to speak to you face-to-face. During the consultation we explain the options available, as well as listing things that you should and should not do during the treatment. Advice is also be given on shaving prior to treatment.

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Contact us, in London, to speak to our team about our beauty therapy treatments.