Excellent Laser Hair Removal in HARINGEY, NORTH LONDON

Plucking and waxing are common methods of removing troublesome hairs, but the only process that makes the change permanent is laser hair removal and treatment. We use top-of-the-range machinery at our clinic in London, and we enable customers of all ethnicities and skin types to benefit from our treatments. Choose Myclinica for an
excellent hair removal and skin care service today.

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Innovative Techniques

Soprano is our latest innovation in laser treatment. This is combined with our trademarked SHR technological know-how to form a clinically confirmed way to delivery hair removal with relatively little soreness. In clinical scientific studies, undertaken by top doctors, Soprano has been confirmed to be as equal, if not more successful than other laser treatments. Patients end up with considerably less soreness when we use this method, and it’s great for all hair and skin types.

Soprano ICE cools the skin with the encircled sapphire tip, avoiding surface burns while keeping warmth in the deep inner skin layer. This high fluency delivery technique delivers a comfortable and efficient treatment, with improved performance also guaranteed. A lighter, ergonomic design means that Soprano ICE is now even easier to use, and you’re  even able to use it to treat smaller, difficult to target areas, such as the eyebrows, nostrils, and ears.

Lightweight Applicator

The weight of the ICE applicator has been significantly reduced, making it one of the lightest hair removal applicators on the market. Without compromising on treatment, effectiveness, or patient safety, the new ICE applicator makes treatments more enjoyable for the practitioner, as well as the patient.

Much Cooler Treatment

The brand new ICE applicator cools the skin simply by integrating many cooling pumps within the applicator. The sapphire tip is also great for contact cooling treatments, and these are made even more enjoyable than before.

Softer Effects

The Soprano ICE comes with SHR technology, and it’s clinically confirmed to have the industry’s top coverage rate. The In-Motion method collectively gets hotter while deactivating the hair roots inside a grid. This is instead of seeking individual chromosphores at the root of the hair follicles.

Arranging Your Treatment

To begin the process we arrange for you to have a free consultation and small-area laser test to determine if your skin has a negative reaction to the laser. Assuming that you’re satisfied and suffer no adverse effects, we’re able to book your treatment, usually in the next 24 hours.

Advice during Consultation

Prior to any treatment taking place, we prefer to speak to you face-to-face. During the consultation we explain the options available, as well as listing things that you should and
should not do during the treatment. Advice is also given on shaving prior to treatment.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

In order to provide a pain-free treatment, we use an Alma Lasers™ machine as well as the Soprano ICE Machine™. Upon completion of 6 to 12 sessions with these machines the results become permanent. By using the finest equipment, we’re able to work on both fine and
dark hair, though we’re unable to act on grey hair.

Block Booking Packages

Although we understand that customers may want to try individual hair removal or skin care treatments, we recommend purchasing one of our packages. Depending on your needs, and the treatment you require, we are able to offer 6, 8, and 12-session packages.

Look and Feel Great Today

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